Fairy Portrait Fundraising

Fairy Portrait Fundraising
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For over forty years we have offered unique children's portraits to churches and nonprofit organizations.

Fairy Portrait Fundraising is unique. All parents want to capture precious images of their children in this one of a kind type of photography. We bring these unique portraits to your location. Churches and Nonprofit organizations need to raise much needed funds.

By coming to your Church or Organization we offer the convenience to tall parents to have these unique portraits made in their own backyard. We can provide studio quality portraits at a fraction of studio prices because we don't have to pay studio rent and we can photograph many children all on the same day.

This enables us to provide enhanced pre-printed portraits on the viewing day, with no obligation, available for purchase at fantastic prices. Most parents get extra copies for grandparents, family and friends. And this is what enables us to provide this service to your local Church or Organization.

We offer a $249 value, which includes custom tailored fairy clothing, artistic enhancements and one 8x10 glow in the dark portrait for only $10-$15-$20, your group decides the amount, we suggest $20. And the best part is, your group keeps 100%.

Bonus #1

25 sittings x $20 = $500 + $10 bonus from us x 25 sittings = $250

for a total of $750

35 sittings x $20 = $700 + $12.50 bonus from us x 35 sittings = $437.50

for a total of $1137.50

45 sittings x $20 = $900 + $15 bonus from us x 45 sittings = $675

for a total of $1575

Bonus #2

In any organization we have found that 10% of the people do 90% of the work and to reward these folks we offer the following bonus: Any person who distributes 10 certificates that brings their children in to be both photographed and pick-up their special, receives their $189 package absolutely free, for their good work.

Bonus #3

If you book early and help our scheduling department out we are happy to present you with a $50 bonus. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call today at 727-488-1830.

Since my sister Nina and I do all the work, we can do shoots with as few as 10 sittings within an hour drive of our studio in Clearwater. We want to help all groups no matter the size.

Based on our past experience with terrific results for all groups, this is one of the best fundraisers that any group can do. And remember, we are small and will help you through every phase of the fundraising effort. And my sister Nina is always available by phone to answer any questions you might have.

We've helped raise thousands for many organizations.

Feel free to call me on any questions you might have, Steve 727-488-1830
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